Healthy hair has a direct effect on your well-being

"Great hair day" is a day of mental strength, confidence in dealing with other people, and greater resistance to stress. These, and other relationships between the condition of the hair and the satisfaction with the hairstyle, were discovered by Professor Marianna LaFrance, PhD from the Faculty of Psychology at Yale University. Together with the Pantene brand, which belongs to Procter & Gamble, she has studied how the condition of the hair affects the woman over the years. A healthy lifestyle and good nutrition have a positive effect on well-being, overall appearance, figure and skin or hair condition. The pledge study showed that a similar relationship worked the other way as well: When the hair looks good, the woman feels better, has increased confidence, and carries a sense of strength. According to a study by Prof. Marianne LaFrance and Pantene, women who lead a healthy lifestyle have a more positive attitude to their hair. Exercise, healthy meals, a good night's sleep, as well as a social life and time for rest have a significant effect on the satisfaction of the hairstyle. However, as the stress increases, one's assessment of the beauty of the hair also drops dramatically.

In all countries, the study also showed that "Great Hair Day" is a day when women feel more productive, less stressed, physically stronger, and more courageous in dealing with other people, while also having a greater sense of control. Of all the above effects, the feeling of physical strength and greater confidence in managing interpersonal relationships were the most frequently mentioned effects on hair satisfaction. In other words, the day when women are most satisfied with the condition of their hair is especially associated with a good mood. 51 percent of women confirm that they have better days when their hair is perfect. 53 percent admit they feel happier when they have dream hair. 46 percent say they smile more when their hair looks fabulous. 15 percent are willing to give up their cell phone for a month to have their dream hair. 7 percent are willing to give up their sleep and clear skin for a month for their dream hair. Globally, women felt stronger thanks to "Global Hair Day" - stronger than after meditation, therapeutic sessions or yoga. Hair also has a greater effect on the feeling of strength and well-being than good clothes, flawless skin and orderly makeup.

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